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False Exits from the Matrix – Part 2

The two main exits from the matrix are the New Age and Conspiracy Theory. The pathological optimist is drawn to the former, the pessimist to the latter. Both of them a perfect, off the shelf worldview that is not falsifiable. This is the signature of the con. Scratch the surface and it immediately reveals the fact that the underlying pattern is exactly the same.

In both case they are based on logical arguments that are 90% valid, but with a twist that turns them into clever traps. In the case of the New Age it is a deviously simplistic interpretation of the Law of Attraction. In the case of the Conspiracy Theorists they are right in their contention that we are all part of a giant Game and that there is some less than benevolent guiding intelligence that designed it and acts as referee. But then they imagine that the simplistic explanations they read on the web are the Gospel truth, and they, and they alone, have broken the code of how this massive charade is being perpetrated.

Each appeals to human weakness-the New Age allows us to believe we can escape suffering, life is basically fair and just, the good shall prevail, and the bad to get their just desserts, all within our lifetime. Meanwhile, the conspiracy buffs all imagine themselves as being super-sleuths who have just uncovered this incredible secret. A Serbian friend of mine, who is a die-hard Conspiracy Theorist, something not altogether rare in the that part of the world, used to repeat these ‘theories’ as fantastic revelations that he had divined through extensive research on the Web. 

The New Agers and the Conspiracy Theorists would be enraged at the very notion that they are both being subjected to the same con.

To be continued…


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