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False Exits from the Matrix – Part 1

Back in elementary school from time to time we would have these reading comprehension tests based on a passage from various periodicals like Reader’s Digest. Of all these texts, one in particular made such a strong impression on me that it remains etched on my mind to this day.

It is about P.T. Barnum, the great circus impresario. On one occasion the show was such an incredible hit, and there were so many people milling around, that he was afraid that the crowd might get out of control, and pandemonium would break out. He had to come up with the way to reduce the crowd, but how?

Suddenly his eyes gleamed with elation – the answer had alighted upon him. Wasting no time he removed the exit sign, replacing it with another with the word ‘Egress’ in bold type. Most people had no idea that egress and exit are synonymous (likely that holds just as true today) so they mistook it for another exhibit. A good part of the crowd thronged through the passage only to find themselves outside the circus and then having to pay to get back in.

Aside from the rather dubious moral implications of the story, the reason I’m sharing it with you is because it for me somehow relates to both New Age and Conspiracy Theory. The difference being that in these cases it presents itself as an exit from the Matrix, but in actual fact nothing could be farther from the truth. It leads its acolytes down a circuitous, twisting, often exotic, sometimes alarming path that invariably leads them right back into the Matrix.

To be continued…


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