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No Follow-up

Over the last several months I’ve encountered such a multitude of false starts it makes my head spin. Inspired conversations with kindred spirits immediately followed by… nothing. A complete vacuum! The person either disappears or reappears months later offering no explanation for their absence.

Be it seeking collaborators to promote my consulting model, or romantic connections via online dating, the situation is the same – as if I was butting my head into some all pervasive force field that kept rejecting my every advance. The force field itself is invisible, or more accurately like a mist, a vast fog that drapes itself over the Game. Like a giant pillow smothering each new initiative.

That is from my perspective, but what of those with whom I make the plan: encouraging me to take action, but taking no action in return? It seems to be that as soon as the euphoria from the conversation dissipates, their minds are immediately elsewhere. I’ve noticed this with my children as well. They are 11 and 13 years of age. Children or adults the phenomenon appears to be the same. As if life was reduced to a video game – as soon as one episode ends, it is erased by the next experience that comes along.

But it also speaks to a lack of substance, a lack of an innate sense of reciprocity. The image that this conjures up in my mind is of some human robot designed with a single internal filter: “what’s in it for me now?” Thus if the result is not immediately forthcoming with only a modicum of work, it is instantly forgotten. Any commitments made simply disappear along the way.

I am curious, am I simply unbelievably unlucky, or insane, or is this something you have noticed as well?


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