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Trump and Clinton – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

If we saw someone jumping out of the building from the 10th floor we would assume that they are either psychotic or suicidal. However, if we roll back the film to the point where they are still in the room and we discover that the building is burning, the flames are drawing closer and they have every reason to fear that there is a gas tank below just about to explode, then their decision to jump out the window becomes eminently reasonable.

The Game is constructed in such a way that it places us between a rock and a hard place. Applying this metaphor to the recent American presidential election, the voter was left in the impossible position of having to choose between petty theft or grand larceny. Trump is just a common swindler, born into a degree of affluence and with bombast, braggadocio, and a generous dose of luck built a real estate empire. Clinton, the loyal trooper, with hard work and ruthlessness, methodically plotted and plodded her rise to the top of the Democratic establishment (and Globalist mafia). In both cases the American voter came to view them as being dishonest to the core.

In order to keep us in the Game the primary directive is to maintain the illusion of freedom. This supersedes control in importance, because it is far more efficient to have the inmates running the asylum. Better still if we do not have to erect walls around them. And even still better if you can let them roam freely. The American Capitalist system up till recently has very successfully achieved this. Its competitors Communism or Muslim theocracy, rely heavily on overt control, often terror, to remain afloat. This illusion of freedom is in turn supported by a pyramid of myths.

Perhaps the central underpinning myth is the Justice Myth- that those who do wrong are brought to book. For anyone with a modicum of intelligence the clear indication during this election is that crime pays, and that the justice system is nothing but a sham. It exists to protect the rich (Trump) and powerful (Clinton) from persecution. But is this not the most perfect metaphor for the predicament in which the Outsider finds themselves-perfidy and compromise on the one hand and criminality and chaos on the other.

Returning to our friend who jumped out the window – once they have jettisoned themselves into space and feel themselves hurtling towards the ground below – that momentary euphoria on having escaped the flames is soon replaced by a sensation of abject terror as they sense themselves hurdling towards their imminent demise. Americans was tired of the Globalist camp and wanted to break free; only to find themselves on the Titanic steaming through a sea littered with icebergs with a drunken fool at the helm.


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