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Terror – The Cornerstone of Civilization

When we watch films of Isis in the Califfate we’re stupified and aghast that the brutality and use of terror. We use modifiers like criminal, barbaric, medieval, inhuman. In the desert straddling the borders of two artificially created states we are witnessing the birth, or attempted birth of the new state.

We go back to the Romans, to the Franks (who created modern Europe), Spain in South America or any other empire throughout history, was it any less horrific? The process through which the great civilizations have been wielded invariably involve violence, slavery, often genocide, when the opposition was too great. But the victor would avail themselves of any and all means to assert their dominance.

The Game is the outer projection of the inner landscape of the Players. Terror is the raison d’être of the Players. The moment that the Player has secured a position of strength, they will place others in a position of terror. They squeeze with pressure, and destabilize with arbitrariness. Coincidentally, this is precisely the modus operandi of abusive spouses or parents.

It seems that they do this gratuitously, out of some sort of sadistic impulse. They will do anything, without limit to escape that terror. But the motivation is greater than mere caprice. Placing others in terror is the only way they can feel safe. Safe from the chance of reprisal, for being called to account for the deeds they have done to get to where they are. Also safe that which they fear most, from the specter that follows them wherever they go. The higher they rise the stronger it becomes.

Vi victis has been the credo throughout history. Both East and West in equal measure. 

Shakespeare perhaps describes it best when he refers to history as a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” 


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