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Life is a game – either you play it or it plays you

This is the credo of the thief – the individual who regards life as a zero sum game – one where there is no win-win, only winning and losing. Meanwhile, those who are played by the game, the suckers, steadfastly keep their heads buried in the sand. No matter how many times they are gamed, courtesy of the thiefs, they cannot absorb the idea that they were setup from the start. 

Those who we think of as being cool and in the know would have us believe that life gives us each one singular choice – play the game or let it play you. Choose between being a thief or a sucker. This is yet another device used by the Game to throw us off the scent of what is really going on.  However, there is another option: the third path of Buddhism, the road less traveled. This blog is devoted to the journey – the trials and tribulations along the way.

Jay Scott Peck wrote The People of the Lie about how evil manifests in society, he sought to dispel the notion that all malevolent behavior was directly attributable to some psychological aberration. He discovered that there was something that lay beyond psychological explanation. The implication being that any combination of insight, medication, or even shock treatment is not sufficient to eradicate this dark impulse that exists deep within the human psyche.

His book was written from the outside – the perspective of the informed observer, in his case a psychiatrist. One of my objectives in creating this blog is to complete the picture by presenting the picture from the inside, from the viewpoint of someone who has lived much of his live deep in the bowels of the Game. To provide a glimpse behind the curtain. A vantage point normally exclusively reserved for the Players – the back room boys, the private luxurious enclaves in which the Players play.


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