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The Game of Games

“God doesn’t play dice with the Universe.”- Albert Einstein

Insofar as saying the universe is not some sort of great arbitrary game, I am inclined to agree with the physicist. However this world we live in, the social world we inhabit, has been set up as a game since the beginning. Ancient astronauts theorists and conspiracy buffs like to speculate on its origins, but suffice it to say that it has been with us for a very very long time. Most speculation on its origins are just another trick, a false exit from the Game. A misdirection designed to keep us occupied, to divert our attention from the real point-the ways in which the Game impacts, shapes, insinuates itself int our day to day lives.

This Game is best characterized as a giant con. Those on the outside rarely win, and those on the inside rarely lose. Though we would all like to believe that we in some part are masters of our own destiny, being on the inside or the outside of this Game is not a matter of choice. Nor is it for that matter a question of where we are positioned on the Game-board at birth. It is, as I will explain later, a question of our innate nature.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that we cannot improve our chances as Outsiders. This book is for the Outsider. Those among us who share the sense of a Higher truth. Those who are well aware that the social world rarely reflects this Truth. Those who spend much of their life, in one form or another, trying to reconcile this disparity.

This Game is all-pervasive. We can deceive ourselves into believing that we can live entirely outside it, but short of being a hermit, or a radical survivalist dwelling in the forest living off the land, we need to engage with it. By coming to understand its structure, its core patterns, its mechanics, we can greatly improve our odds of navigating it successfully.

Success within the Game, for the Outsider, has a restricted meaning. If we define success as winning the Game, which translates to getting the most for the least, and dominating those around us, than we are not likely to succeed. However, should we define success as engaging with this Game increasingly at our pleasure, as opposed to that of others, and gaining a reasonable return for our endeavors, while contributing to a better world in some way, then this is very possible, indeed. As to bring this Game down, well that is quite another thing altogether…


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