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Who should read this book / blog?

When I first set about to write this book I intended it to be for everyone. Several years have passed, and judging by the reaction of most readers, there’s only a small proportion of the audience that is remotely interested in engaging with these insights, and still fewer who are likely to invest the time and commitment required to really benefit from this blog.

This is not reverse psychology, just a simple statement of fact. Exposing the dark side of life while not succumbing to becoming bitter or cynical is a great challenge.

If you’re looking for insights that will help you get the edge over others in an increasingly competitive and confusing world than this book, will on some level, give you what you are seeking. However, the level of psychic energy required to be invested to succeed in such an endeavor will likely exceed your enjoyment from any of the benefits.

One of the ironies of the pursuit of higher consciousness is that as we become more aware, those benefits that we sought when we originally embarked on this path, that led us to this path in the first place, have lost much of their luster. However, if you see your life as a spiritual passage moving towards a higher consciousness, that I believe these insights can be of great benefit in helping you to navigate the twists and turns of a world steeped in layers and layers of misdirection.

The last thing that I wish is for you to accept anything I claim at face value. Many of the perspectives and opinions that I will be sharing will seem as if they are coming out of left field, outlandish nonsense, the musings of a madman. Instead, please take it under consideration-place it in the suspense file in your head, and compare it with your day to day visceral reality. I believe you’ll find that even if you do not accept what I say in its entirety, there will be much that you will find resonant with your own experiences. The ideal response, the one that is for me the ultimate validation of my efforts, is for you to write to me, expressing your take on what I have shared- unvarnished, without worrying about either looking foolish, or giving offense.


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