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This book is for my children, a last testament. My life, by any measure, has been a monumental fiasco. Everything I have set out to do has failed. So why should they, or you for that matter, listen to me?

Really there is no reason- no answer to that question that is fully satisfactory. But perhaps we are best to listen to any fellow soul who freely shares their own truth. Here I’m not referring to the gurus-anyone pretending to own the truth is either an idiot or a charlatan, often both. The world appears to be overrun by charlatans, smugly spouting platitudes, lost in smug self absorbtion, believing their own press.

All any of us have to share it is our own truth. I refer to a lifetime of observations, from which I have derived several patterns that seem to keep coming up time and time again. Likely this is my last work. My Truth is not to be confused with relative truth relative truth. Relative truth is an oxymoron, if the truth is only confined to a single instance it is of no value at all, it is merely an opinion, and usually uninformed. Instead my Truth and your Truth are aspects of the same Truth, but as seen from different lenses. Each lens informed by a unique set of character and circumstances. On our level of being the can only experience reflected truth: as in Plato’s cave analogy. Those who claim to convey the truth, as an absolute, are either deluded themselves, or wish to delude others.

There’s little doubt that this little preface will dissuade many from reading further. If so there is some small measure in which it has served its purpose. This book is meant to be a flare- a shot in the dark, to pierce the depressive torpor of the Outsiders all over the world, a provoke them to take action. A wake-up call with a simple message- your best chance, your only chance to find some measure of peace and fulfillment in this life is with and through other Outsiders. I will go into great detail explaining the nature of what I mean by Outsider, but you already pretty well know who you are. Life is so much easier when we fit in. None of us takes on the Outsider moniker readily or happily, initially at least.

My dream is a word wide network of sanctuaries for Outsiders-an archipelago of cafes, hidden watering holes, pubs, park benches spotted across the globe where the outsiders can meet, commiserate, dream, conspire, manifest, and simply ‘be’.


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