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The Big Lie – Part 2

1.2 The Structure

In, “The Game & the Players”, we established that the Game is an artificial structure, which has been imposed upon humanity. However, if this is the case, how can it be so resilient? How can it survive all the tumultuous rises and falls of civilizations and empires throughout we have experienced over the last several millennia? The answer lies in its being firmly rooted in three basic aspects of human nature.

The first is a primal need for authority. Though every human being is born with an innate capacity to think, thinking for ourselves is something we only do as an absolute last resort. Most of the so-called decisions that are made day to day are nothing more than automatic responses. This relates to our morning bathroom routine, our selection of routes to take to work, the choices we make during the workday. It even relates to the way we interact with those around us.

As we will discuss later we live life exchanging one trance for another. Each activity, each environment, is associated with a different set of conditioned responses. The moment we encounter anything out of the ordinary, it forces us to wake up out of our trance and fully engage our minds. This requires effort, and we only do it when we have to.  This innate tendency towards parking our minds in one trance or other is critically important in understanding how we are seduced by the Players into buying into the grand illusion that conceals the Game.

This disinclination to think creates a vacuum, which the players are very happy to fill. Of course, for this hypnosis to work it must be veiled, otherwise we would immediately rebel against someone trying to overtly take control of our minds. To get around this problem we are sold a meticulously crafted version of reality, which is framed by a collection of myths. These myths are bound together by one great meta-myth: the Linearity myth. This serves to seed the soil effectively in our minds for the other myths to be received. This societal trance is so expertly layered that it makes it extremely difficult to detect.

One great challenge in understanding this mountain of artifice is that all three layers are intertwined and mutually reinforcing. In life they are experienced as a single integrated whole, this enormous stew simply labeled “the way it is”.

On the individual level, there is the narcissistic trance. The underlying “as if” of this trance is that we experience ourselves as being the nexus of the universe. Instead of seeing ourselves as part of a whole, we experience the whole as an extension of ourselves. Only pure narcissists, such as the players, experience the world literally in this way. For the rest of us, who are merely narcissistic, it represents a bias, which is in the background of our thoughts all the time. This bias is subtle, but nevertheless, extremely potent.

To Be Continued…


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