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3.0 Introduction

3.1 The Game

The sequence of events that led us into our current economic crisis can seem so intricate that it all becomes mind-boggling, but the key elements are known to many.  We can discuss the relative culpability of one party or another endlessly, but historians will always stop short of exposing its root cause. Beneath the surface, there is another set of dynamics, a kind of parallel reality that is the prime driver of surface events.

The current economic crisis is one of those rare occasions when this game breaks the surface, becoming front-page news. Normally, it is concealed and kept well outside public view.

This choreography is impervious to the ebb and flow of time. It shrouds itself in this or that social structure, economy, or ideology, yet remains unchanged. It is the motive force behind change; determining who goes up, who comes down, how fast and when. Human nature is the raw clay that is molded and twisted to conform to its dictates.

I will refer to this choreography as the Hidden Game.  Being part of our human condition, it is not confined to the grand scale. It is present in every aspect of our lives.  The extent to which it has come to permeate our lives blinds us to its existence. As it has always been with us, albeit in the background, we have no conception of life without it.



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