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The Hidden Game Revealed – PART 1


1.0 Prologue

At its root, the financial crisis, which has engulfed the entire world’s financial system, was nothing more than a crude scam perpetrated by a few hucksters. The fact that it grew to its current proportions has everything to do with the conditions created by an extended period of laissezfaire, promoted by the hands-off attitude of regulators in the United States. Under these conditions, this fiasco was inevitable. Had it not been this scam it would have been another.
The real distinction between small local scams, such as those that take place all the time, and these cataclysms, which might only happen once in a generation, is their ability to draw in the public at large. The deregulation of the markets, which paved the way for the securitization of debt, created the perfect conditions for this to take place. Once a scam reaches a certain critical mass, it seems to become turbo-charged, growing exponentially.

Those at the top are aware that something is off, but they believe that the momentum behind it is great enough that somehow it will magically correct itself over time. In the meantime, there is more money to be made in riding the wave.

Eventually, after the wave has survived long enough, a kind of amnesia sets in. Everyone seems to forget about its inherent instability. On and on it goes, growing in leaps and bounds. People are getting increasingly giddy with the fortunes they are making. Finally, when the crash does come, everyone is in shock. How could this happen? How could all the experts have been so wrong? Meanwhile, the players are watching the show, shaking their heads at the predictability and credulity of all the animals in the human zoo.

The devices used to conceal the criminality are elegant, sophisticated, and occasionally truly inspired.  Nonetheless, they are only subterfuge, nothing more than spin. When the crash comes, it is always a surprise to the Drones, but old news to the Players.

Thus far I have been describing the big Game – the matrix which engulfs our entire society. The Game is also replicated in an infinite number of ways, permeating every social arena of our lives. We find it at work, at play, and at home with our families.

This book is an attempt to expose this Game in all its forms, for all to see. The benefits of this insight will very much depend upon you, the reader. My wish is to provide you with a glimpse behind the curtain that conceals the Hidden Game. This will hopefully give you reason to pause, think, and re-examine your world with an enriched perspective. It is left for each reader to come to their own conclusions.


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