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Reclaiming Your Life

If someone were to tell you that they could help you to reclaim your life, what would be the first thing that came to mind? Would it be your work, your family, or your friends who you would like to free yourselves from? Would it be ex spells, present girlfriend, or the social clique you belong to?

Would it be the silly notion of what the world should be that was fed to us growing up? All that duelistic nonsense – this is good, that is bad. All is black or white with very little gray. We were all sold a bunch of myths. The first was that your parents know best. Next was that you have to be good and kind to have others like you. Another was good guys always win in the end. And we all remember how we are told to follow the rules and you’ll get ahead.

Those of us that were stupid enough or virtuous enough to buy into all of this became the big losers in life. They became the ones left holding the hot potato of blame as their last virtuous peers happily passed it their way.

As we pass through the course of our lives the number of things that lay claim to us keeps accumulating. Eventually we look in the mirror and we no longer recognize the base looking back at us. Childhood dreams and fantasies are only the vaguest man race, or worse still, forgotten.

How can we begin to reclaim our lives and save our children from a similar fate? Isn’t it time we all will, as a society? If not for our own sake, for the sake of our children. We can save them from wasting the past years of their lives chasing things that don’t really matter, while being completely deluded in their sense of the world and their place in it.


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